Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Italian heavyweight moleskin - now live

I'm so thrilled to introduce another new high quality fabric to my range of bags and purses and the photos really can't do justice that the fabrics deserve.

I sourced the fabric from a company with a history of weaving moleskin fabric since the middle of the 19th Century. What they don't know about moleskin is not worth knowing. The touch of the fabric really is second to none, with a gorgeous supple quality yet extremely durable character.

Initially available in four perfect colours, and with the possiblility of adding more over time, I hope you too find them stunning.

The Croissant in charcoal Italian moleskin

The Petite Croissant in cranberry Italian moleskin

The Croissant in dove grey Italian moleskin

The Petite Croissant in fern Italian moleskin

Friday, 1 July 2011

Italian moleskin - preview

The new Italian moleskin - cranberry
I promised to bring you news about another new fabric so here it is. I'm so pleased to have found a really luxurious heavyweight moleskin that has a hand feel out of this world. It has a beautiful natural soft drape quality but is known for being extremely durable.

What makes this moleskin so special is that it is 100% natural cotton and is manufactured in Italy to the highest quality possible. Have I mentioned the hand feel is so gorgeous ? Pictured above is cranberry, and it is one of the colours I have sourced. I will bring a further 3 colours which includes charcoal, dove grey and fern; and possibly more colours may follow.

Again, to complement the luxury, I just had to use the premium Italian cotton twill to finish the interior of the bags. I hope to begin introducing it to my shop over the next week. More news will follow.