Friday, 20 August 2010

Giddy up and they're off...

Yes, I know the title is very vague but it's the best I can come up with at this time of night, and I didn't want to call this post 'another new style'.

Well it is a new Minus style and it is called the Saddle pouch. Why is it called the saddle pou.......... ahhhhh yes I hear you all think it does look like a horse's saddle even with a sort of stirrup. That is one of the reasons it is called the Saddle pouch, but the other is because it is great for wearing whilst riding on things, especially horses. Well, I may have made that bit up as I haven't ridden a horse since I was about 7 years old, but it has been tried on a mountain bike and it worked a treat. You see, the strap is short enough to be adjusted to fit around your waist so not only is it great for walking with but it is perfect for cycling.

The Saddle pouch can also be worn on your shoulder using the strap, or worn on a belt using the wide belt guide, or worn on your trouser/skirt belt loops by using the trigger hooks, or simply used as a clutch purse, or around your waist whether running, cycling, climbing, horse-riding, canoeing, kayaking, skateboarding, well the choice is endless.

A close-up of the stirrup.

And a close-up of the trigger hooks.

Well as they say and they're off and I am too.