Saturday, 26 June 2010

New colours for the Croissant

The Croissant is now available in another two colours, Paprika and Nettle.

Nettle has been an immediate hit since it was first introduced into my shop for the Honeycomb style, and the spicy vibrant Paprika is sure to follow suit.

Both Nettle and Paprika are a ribbed cotton canvas fabric, which is very different to corduroy. Ribbed cotton canvas is handwoven and has a much stronger and quality hand feel.

Currently available in 4 colours:  khaki green, paprika, nettle, black

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Carrylight

Easy to wear, easy to carry, and easy to use. Simply grab and go!

This is the concept of 'The Carrylight'. A new, chic bag with no fuss. The detailing is functional for either creating the shape or reinforcing the workmanship and construction. The bag is fully interlined.

What does interlining mean? Well, a great number of budget/mass-produced bags either use iron-on man made interlining, or no interlining at all. This makes the bag much easier and quicker to manufacture, and reduces costs. However, at the expense of true quality. My interlining is all 100% natural British cotton canvas, sourced from the mills of Yorkshire and made in England. Yes, this does increase the cost and making time considerably as each piece must be individually stitched inside, but a higher quality, more durable finish is achieved, as well as better shaping.

The Carrylight interior is fully lined and includes one large zip pocket, a trigger hook for keys, and three compartments for cellphones, ipods, letters, books, etc...

Currently available in new colours lime, chestnut, and vanilla. Custom colour orders are possible.

Friday, 11 June 2010

English Heritage

Traditional English shirts have always had a renowned reputation of the highest quality, and rightly so. Beautiful fabric, quality buttons, and impeccable workmanship all go into making the English shirt. However, having said that, their style is almost always very formal looking, business-like, or slightly old-fashioned.

So, this got me thinking and designing over the last few months on why not create a modern shirt that has a casual contemporary style but follows the same ethics of the traditional English shirt of high quality workmanship.

I've been developing prototypes of my shirt so that I can compare the fit and workmanship, and see which suits the Minus brand and my design the best. I will keep you posted on how I get on.