Thursday, 6 August 2009

A quirky new style... the Honeycomb!

Have you seen the new honeycomb bag in my shop? It’s called the honeycomb because it is shaped like one. A hexagonal shape is a bit unusual for an everyday bag, that’s what I was thinking before. But with some fun playing with cuttings and patterns, I got the lines, angles and shape to work together. You can tell it is a Minus bag from its construction – the shoulder strap is fully attached to the body to give strength and sturdiness. The size of the honeycomb can also be adjusted with the snap fasteners on both sides which adds a nice versatile touch.

Hooray! Another unique design from Minus.

It is currently available in 5 colours; Mid Grey; Bubblegum; Black; Dusty Mint; and Cappuccino.


lanimozescapes said...

The bag looks awesome on the models! What a wonderful shape...the construction details are flawless!

Minus said...

Cheers for that! You have made my day...