Sunday, 27 April 2008

Minus maxi fold top

As you know I originally made the Minus fold top for my wife as she wished she could have a bag that would look great no matter how many things she put inside it. The result was the Minus fold top bag that I posted earlier. I thought the concept of a bag being able to grrroooooowwwWWWW was great and I wanted the bag for me. So I developed the original into the New Minus Maxi fold top bag that looks great for both men and women.

Like the original Minus fold top bag, the height of this maxi version is able to grow with its contents. It offers great space and versatility to fit everything I need for work or going to the gym, but especially useful for going shopping. For the maxi version I have added extra seams and stitching details and I wanted to add a sleeve pocket with a snap fastener on the outside, as it is handy for keeping stuff I need most of the time.

Really happy about the result as it's a great bag for both men and women! The only problem is my wife will keep trying to use it all the time...

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